Autumn hues all ready?

Hello! Sorry it's been while. I'm back to lifeguarding again to save up for my move to Japan, which is a lot of fun, but demands a lot of concentration.

I haven't prepared anything fancy, just some outfit coordination ideas...

I was pleasantly surprised, how well AP matches Baby's brown! I am usually worried there will be a color difference.

This Alice Beardsley coordinate was inspired by a faux 'rabbit' muffler I found at a rummage sale for $1. The deep burgundy-wine color was the same as my jsk set, so I thought it would make a great cold-weather coordinate.

Last but not least, I paired my Baby cardi over a solid red Jsk, which brought out the red ribbon embroidery really nicely, I think.

And that's about it for now! I'm happy to be in a colder climate again, where I can play with layers...

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