Make yourself at home!

Well, after almost two months of separation, today our personal belongings were delivered! We were afraid that everything was lost, but at long last we were reunited and able to move on with our life. 

Today I set myself to the task of sprucing up my room, since I've been in empty rooms and hotels! I worked with odds and ends I had- an old calendar, magazines, and clothing tags- to lend my signature to my new room. 

This first piece of decor actually isn't handmade, but I wanted to share her anyway. This is a made-in-Korea Bradley doll, which I found at an antique shoppe called The Cat's Meow. Bradley dolls are foam-bodied cloth-skinned dolls with silk hair and painted faces, dating from the 70s and earlier.

They're sort of mysterious, and definitely nostalgic. I didn't know a thing about them when I bought her, but loved her face and lolita-esque garb. You can read a bit more about them here.

Now, onto the 'crafts'! And I use this term lightly, because it was sort of labor non-intensive. ;D Anyone could do these little tricks to spice up a room.

When I opened one box, I found my old corkboard, and all the crap I had pinned to it. The tags I saved were falling off, stuck in the bottom of the box, tangled up every which way... so what's a girl to do, hang a messy corkboard? I think not!

Either by knotting the strings together or using thin ribbon, I made a long garland of brand tags from Angelic Pretty to MMM. Then, using multicolor star thumbtacks from Target, I hung the garland over my doorway. 

As time goes on, I can add tags, and maybe even bows of cloth, ribbon, or what strikes my fancy.

In another box, I found my old BTSSB Calendar from 2010. The dates were no longer relevant, but the designs were just as adorable! 

I used the clippings to fill old frames I had on my bookshelf. It totally brightened up my book case!

Last but not least, I returned to my fresh and empty corkboard. I had a stack of old magazines that were falling apart! Some of the loose pages were of my 'girl crushes', MOON Kana and Nana Kitade, so I used them to bring some color to my walls.

Not bad at all right? Sure, I still need to clean out my closet again (this one is smaller than my old house!), but this place is starting to feel like home all ready.

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