30 Days of Loli: 10 Songs That Inspire My Inner Lolita

Hi there, Darlings!

How is everyone doing? Can you believe that it is December all ready? I am so excited to start coordinating Holiday outfits, and hopefully party a little with some Lolita friends. I think we're organizing a Secret Santa this year, so that is something to look forward to!

As usual, I'm trying to knock out this '30 Days of Loli' Challenge.

When I first saw the list of topics, there were definitely a handful that stood out, and I wanted to dive right into them. Today's was definitely one of those topics, as I love music more than... well, most things!

Today's topic is... 10 Songs That Inspire Your Inner Lolita!

The most difficult thing was narrowing down songs that are strictly "Lolita" in theme or feeling. For example, I love many visual kei bands, and some times rock out to Industrial music while driving to a meet-up or event. I have a strange mix-mash of music in my head, haha.

That being said, let's get on to my picks for songs, and why I chose them! Maybe they'll get you dancing, make you want to dress up, or inspire and outfit too!

1. "Suna no Oshiro"- Kanon Wakeshima

I used this song for my first-ever fashion show at the Hawaii Horror Ball. I loved how the ghostly vocals and deep cello brought out the gothic side in my outfits. For gothic Lolitas or Classic Lolitas who want to imagine a darker, more dramatic coordinate, this is a great song.

2. "We Are All Mad", Circus Contraption

I used this song for my second fashion show, at Raw Honolulu Presents: Scope.

It's a funny story, how I 'discovered' Circus Contraption. One of my friends, Lisa works with the Cherry Blossom Cabaret, a burlesque and performing arts group in Honolulu that puts on numerous colourful shows. I asked her and her friend, Michelle if they'd be interested in choreographing and performing something 'circus and 'ballet' inspired, to open for my Raw fashion show.

As we discussed music for the choreography and the rest of the show, one of them mentioned that Armitage Shanks from Circus Contraption would be at one of their Circus themed events the same month. They said that if I happened to find a song I liked, then I could probably do a fashion show at their event to show to Armitage.

Thus, I discovered Circus Contraption. The opening choreography was a mechanical-doll themed dance, and the main show was to this song, "We Are All Mad".

I love the whimsical feeling. I would definitely use this in another show, probably for a menswear line.

(PS: You can view my RAW Fashion show, here!)

3. "The Phantom of the Opera", Harajuku Remix

I want to use this in a fashion show someday!! (Are you sensing a theme? Haha.)

It inspires a more updated classic-gothic look, maybe with a few quirky and artistic accessories... and a venetian or opera mask.

4. "Cupid", Olivia Lufkin

Another one I wanted to use for a fashion show... :P

I've loved this song for many years. Olivia's vocals are hauntingly beautiful.

5. "私の楽団 / My Orchestra", Kokusyoku Sumire

I remember the first time I heard Kokusyoku Sumire.

I was like, "What the heck am I listening to?" But then it started to sink in, how intricate the melody was, how theatrical, and how the style of their world made the song come to life. I believe Kokusyoku Sumire embodies the spirit of Lolita- to express your own artistic world, even if it's not catering to a mainstream palette.

6. "The Love from a Dead Orchestra", Versailles

And we're back to fashion shows.

Actually, in high school, I wanted to go to school for fashion so badly, but knew I could never afford it. I fantasized about having a full ten-minute runway debut to this song, telling a story with the outfits. To this day the melody inspires me.

7. "Feed", Rose Noire

I find Rose Noire sometimes catchy, sometimes not. Their catchy songs fit the aesthetic of Lolita, and embody that ghostly, gothic, slightly melancholy sound I crave.

8. "Beast of Blood", Malice Mizer

I feel Malice Mizer was a mandatory mention.

In truth, I like Beat Blood, but it's not my favourite. My favourite is probably "Au Revoir" or "Gekka no Yasoukyoku". I'm a Gackt woman, what can I say?

Fun fact: The DJ played "Gekka no..." at my wedding. It was kind of an inside joke between me, my groom and my best friends.

9. "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", Nutcracker Suite

I've been into this song lately, and electronic mixes of classical songs. This melody is very Lolita to me. I heard it in a dream... that I dreamed about a fashion show. (I think I have a problem.)

10. "Gothic Party", Dolly

I love Dolly. I love this song. That is all.

There you have it! The songs that make my petticoats fluff and my Loli contacts sparkle. I kind of want to change out of this striped sweater and dress up right now, don't you?

But I should actually go sew. I have about 50 fantasy fashion shows to do.

Xoxo, Your one-track-mind-many-track-iPod-seamstress, Cherie

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