All Bears. All the time.

Before coming to Japan, I heard that you could find a themed cafe for anything... and it seems true! I am always discovering unique businesses I've never seen before.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to Kuma Cafe, a three-story restaurant in Sakae filled with bears. My friend and I wore our matching Honey Cake sets from Angelic Pretty, lounging among bear strewn couches beneath a chandelier of teddy bear key chains. 

The menu had lunch sets, dessert sets, and beverages from espresso to mixed drinks. I ordered a Cappuccino and two Ku-macarons.

Raspberry was the first to go. His expression was too perfect.

Shortly followed by his brother, Pistachio.

As if I didn't get my fill of sweets that day, my landlord stopped by when I came home to give me these:

Gorgeous (and from the looks of it, expensive!) cakes from a local pastry shoppe! When I came home from the states, I brought her chocolates as omiyage. She returned the favour with these lovely sweets! That can't possibly be an equal exchange! ; o ; I was so surprised and thankful.

I put them in my fridge, but didn't eat them. One of my good friends in my apartment building had to cancel her stay in Japan because of personal problems, so I gave her the cakes instead, thinking she could use a cheering up. (Don't worry, I didn't take credit! I told her they were from my sweet land lady. ^o^) 

If you're in the Nagoya or Sakae area and want to stop by Kuma Cafe, I found their link on the handy dandy Tabelog. (Includes a menu, phone number and map.) It's about a 10 minute walk from either Oosu's Akamon Doori or Sakae station. 

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