Say Konnichiwa to Hello Kitty!

Yesterday, April 21st at Sephora Ala Moana Center, shoppers were flocking to buy Hello Kitty Merchandise. The first 150 people to spend $50 or more got a hot pink wristband (and complimentary Hello Kitty Puffy Bow), which guaranteed you a chance to meet Yuko Yamaguchi, Tokyo's legendary Hello Kitty designer.

The event was put on by Sephora, to promote Hello Kitty's new signature line of cosmetics and goods.
I met up with Patrick earlier that day, to buy my merch and snag a wrist band. So what can you get for $50 at Sephora? A decent haul, actually!

Left to right: "Roller Girl" Perfume roller ($16); the popular Sakura Print Makeup bag ($28), and Sparkly Purple Nail Polish ($10).

According to shop tenants the makeup bag, and other sakura printed goods were the first to sell out. Other good for sale were brush sets in a Hello Kitty canister, paper goods, compact mirrors, eye shadow compacts, solid perfume necklaces and more, all ranging from $10-$60.

The makeup bag is adorable! There is a lacquered cherry blossom emblem on the bag, and the zipper pull is shaped like the mascot's bow.

The roller ball perfume is very sweet with fruity notes. It reminds me of Miss Dior Cherie.

When I paid for my haul and got my wristband, the shop tenant gave me a complimentary surprise:

People donned their Hello Kitty bows and started lining up around 5PM for the 6:00 event. Locals and Tourists of all ages attended. One visitor from the mainland said, “I feel like I’m at a convention! They don’t do these things at our Sephora.”

The Hello Kitty mascot, dressed to match the new line of sakura printed items, was also in the store for photos with anyone.

The tagline for Sanrio USA is "Small Gift. Big Smile!" Even though these products are targeted for grown-ups, this event made the lovely customers of Sephora seem like kids in a candy store.

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  1. the girl in tiara rose was named kammee~ i think we might have met mintymix~ *A*