Animal Prints and Lolita

Animals- what is it about them that adds a dash of fairytale whimsy to lolita prints? Is it their gentleness, their innocence? Animals are pure of heart, just like the princesses who don the frills.

--Actually, I think those glimmer-eyed woodland creatures are creepy as hell. But for some reason, brands love them. I'd opt for a suspiciously benign wild animal over a diabetes inducing explosion of candy any day.

Rabies is now adorable...

Some good things about animal prints:
  • Whatever your preference or personality, there is probably an animal print for you! Brands have done everything from deer to dogs, with color palettes from pastels to neutrals.
  • They're perennially appropriate, from the fresh days of Spring to the cozy afternoons of Winter.
  • They're easy and fun to coordinate! They can be used in lolita casually, or in Mori Girl fashion, and more.

Let's start with the ever-popular sweet style. I instantly thought of Angelic Pretty's newly released Vanilla-chan print. I chose white fur accessories to compliment the pelt of our petite Vanilla-chan.

This coordinate could easily transition into Spring and Summer by opting for a cutsew instead of a cardi, and a fur headbow or pom poms instead of a beret.

If you're searching for a more demure and soft compliment to your animal print, as in Classic lolita, then chocolate brown is perfect to bring out the natural tones in fur.

I made this set with teddy bears in mind- I'll admit to one bias, I ordered one of Meta's Honey Picnic lucky packs! Here we can see how well it goes with Innocent World items, too.

Last is a bit of a surprise- a gothic way to wear sweet animals! Opting for a solid fedora, beret,  or boater hat instead of a bow can take the cute 'edge' off an otherwise over the top print.

Black works surprisingly well with this Usakumya Judie print, because it makes the pastels pop!

If you're ready to start coordinating your own Woodland Wardrobes, here are a few ideas and pointers:

  • Accessories can come from unexpected places. Try looking on eBay or at thrift stores for vintage or faux furs, rustic leather bags, and baskets Red Riding Hood would love to own. 
  • Try to match the colors of the fur or animal in your print, this will make the print pop.
  • If you're one for making your own accessories, try making a bear or animal eared headdress, in the style of BTSSB or Heart E! You'll notice the ears are small, and almost gentle looking. When they're not huge and cartoony, it doesn't look as much like a cosplay.
  • You could skip literal 'fur', and instead accessorize with soft knitted scarves, legwarmers, or other things that bring plush toys to mind.
I think that animal prints will continue to be popular in 2011. Personally, I'd love to see more Poodles and leopards from Meta! 

And I'd personally petition Innocent World to make a fox print!


  1. These coordinates are all super cute! I love that Meta one, that print works surprisingly well with Classic elements.

    I really love the pictures of the little vintage figures at the top too, the little lamb is just adorable, I've been looking for something like that for a while now.

  2. These are all so cute! I guess this is what I get for not following the comms- I didn't even know about Vanilla-chan! If I were into sweet, I'd be all over that, especially with your amazing coord for it. In fact, I totally adore that entire look! That cardigan with the white fur is amazing *__*