LBC: A Loli's Day in Hawaii

It's no secret that we all lead very different lives. Mine happens to be insanely busy.

This week's Carnival theme was "A Lolita's Day in Pictures", and unfortunately for me, it was a school day. xD So at risk of ruining the image you have of me, here is my submission.

I like to hope you think of me as a creative and edgy person who always looks stylish, rather than a college student working on her driver's license and scarfing down Subway between classes, but hey, what can we do.

Also, you'd think living in Hawaii, this post would read something like "I awoke to a gentle sunrise and the peals of dolphin laughter, stretching out of my hammock where I fell asleep outside my grass shack..." No. Sorry. xD

I awoke at about 5 AM to the violent vibration of my cellphone, which never leaves my side. The crackling air conditioner overhead is the next thing I hear, and it sounds kind of like money burning.

Then I proceed through the usual formalities, of hiding anything that naturally occurs on a woman (Iron your bangs! Pluck that stray eyebrow hair! Conceal everything!). Then I carefully pack and prepare clothing and supplies for the evening ahead, a dance and entertainment event called "Thank God for Vampires".

Unfortunately, lolita, shoes, wigs and makeup are heavy, and lucky me, I have classes all day first. So by the time I'm ready to head out my load looks like:

Once that's done, it's time to drive. I hop into my vehicle of choice, "Blue Rose"...

... plug in my iPod, and hit the road. The morning soundtrack was a mutually agreeable choice of ONE OK ROCK on shuffle, much to my uncle's relief. 

I go through the morning classes, lugging the weight of my double life up and down stairs, back and forth across campus. Three classes and a can of Monster energy drink later, I find myself in the sanctuary of my favourite part of the day... a sacred lunch hour!

And of course, what do lolitas eat for lunch? Surely they dine only on parfaits and bear-shaped macaroons, like the tales of my outings in Japan. And what else to wash down those sweets, but tea and lattes served in fine china?

And surely, I ate on the pristine Hawaiian beach?

Ahaha, no, there is nothing cute about what I ate. In fact it is probably the least lady-like lunch, except for the fact it was vegetarian. You could say, it was a salad between two giant croutons.

Yes. In spite of the low-carb diet I say I'm on, I succumbed to the call of a Veggie sub. :P 

And about dining on the beach, no. The only sea by my campus is the sea of butt-emblazoned sweatpants walking around outside. 

Sure enough, my lunch hour passes before I know it...

And it's time for my last class of the day, where of course, I take thorough and diligent notes.

AT LONG LAST, classes have ended, and I rush back to the cafe area to meet with a dear friend. She is a Journalism student and, funnily enough, she wanted to interview me about the Lolita community in Hawaii.

If we were going to talk about Lolita, it was going to be over some kind of cute food damn it. Or actually, that's just an excuse. The truth is I'm addicted to the frozen yogurt shop by my campus and go just about every day and not even an interview was going to stop me. xD 

Pineapple frozen yogurt with lychee boba, strawberries and kiwi. 

I mean, low carb diet!!

You are probably wondering when I will get to the Lolita part. Well hold your horses, because it turns out, I didn't even have all of my outfit packed. Not only did I forget tights, but I also left home without lashes, lash glue or circle lenses. So that means... TO THE MALL!

Ala Moana mall is actually a pretty cool place to hang out. It is mostly out doors and they keep it very clean. Not to mention, there are cool stores there like Shirokiya, and Q-pot. But actually, I just like to look at the fish in the giant outdoor ponds, which flow down stream throughout the mall. 

After my mad dash to finish my outfit, I rush back to campus and hijack the biggest air-conditioned bathroom for preparation. A bit of cursing and a magical girl transformation later, I emerge somewhat successfully in my Atelier Pierrot outfit.

After that, it was a relatively stress-free night of hanging out with friends, and enjoying good music at The Venue. My good friend Alice Demize also came in Atelier, so we were matching! 

And well, now you know my secret, that I am actually a totally normal and boring person. xD But enough about that, how did everyone else spend their Lolita Day? Let's go under the tent and take a look-see...

xoxo, Cherie.

PS... if you can find all the Tiger & Bunny things, you're my new best friend! xD

You can compare with my "Lolita's Day in Nagoya", written about a year ago, here

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