October in a nutshell

Last month was full if events, and as we enter the twilight of the year, I can hardly wait to kick up my feet, enjoy the holidays and take a breather. 

Of course, my school work and ambitions aren't going to let me do that. But lazy afternoons like today, when I can lay on the floor with my laptop with "Cupcake Wars" babbling in the background are just enough to charge my batteries. Here's some of the things I've spent battery power on this month, getting active in the lolita and cosplay community of Hawaii. 

Miss Vamp Hawaii. I competed on October 12th in the 3rd annual Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant. 

Though I didn't win, I found a new sense of confidence from the whole experience. I proved to myself that I can do things out of my comfort zone if I set my mind to it. Plus I made a lot of connections with photographers, entertainers, business owners and journalists, as well as countless new friends. I don't know if I'd compete again next year, but I don't regret trying!

Thank you to all my friends who came out and cheered me on, supporting me through my nerves and shakes! You made me feel like I could do it, and that made all the difference.

Also, thank you to Emismile photos and Lillikoi Photography, for helping me build my portfolio and taking stunning photos for the competition.

I am the white haired loli in harlequin tights!

HEX-con: Atelier Pierrot and Animaid Cafe.

The following weekend was HEX-con, Hawaii's Entertainment Expo. It is a conglomo-con featuring anime, Japanese music, scifi, fantasy, American comics and gaming. 

Day one I worked at Animaid Hawaii, the sponsoring Maid Cafe this year. There was a bit of a time constraint the first night, but I had fun passing out Halloween candy to con-goers, served a table of Macross cosplayers, and staffed the One Piece event.

Day two was the Atelier Pierrot Fashion show. I was supposed to work the maid cafe after I had my makeup done for Atelier, but ended up translating for the designer Ashizawa-san all day! I even translated her introduction for her on stage before the show. Having her pick my outfit, chat with me and spend the day with me was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had!! 

The designer picked a strapless black corset jsk for me, with elbow length lacy gloves, a black bonnet with red roses, and black and red diamond harlequin tights. I felt like a gothic doll! 

All the models with Ashizawa-san. I'm in the back with the bonnet. Photo courtesy of my friend, Chris.
As soon as the Atelier pop-up boutique was open, I ran over in hopes of getting my dream dress, the Eden jsk in green. Since I was one of the first ones there, I snagged it! I couldn't be happier, I have been pining for this dress since the first time I saw it. Not to mention, it's sold out every where!

Yesterday, of course, was Halloween. Since I've been dressing up a lot this month, I took a breather and opted for a sort-of vkei devil instead.

I didn't go to Waikiki, but went to a friend's house instead, for one of the best Halloween parties ever. We had so much fun laughing, eating, and playing entertaining games the host came up with. 

The table was lit with candles and he switched out photos around the house with gothic portraits of Mana, Kamijo, and pictures from our lolita outings. Before tea, we turned off the lights and watched the Halloween Junky Orchestra "Halloween Party" music video by candle light.

Now, I am dead tired. xD I'm sorry I haven't been on the ball with the last few LBC prompts, but I'm gonna get back on it. So stay tuned!

xoxo, Cherie

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