Standing at Attention

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing as I'm exhausted and at a loss for words this week, I felt a photo spam was in order.

Lately I've been all over military and uniform styles in lolita.

Textiles with texture, tailored frames and separates, charming hats and functional bags, boots and platform shoes are all staples in this style.

In the past year I've collected two dresses in this style, and I wear them all the time! I especially love my "Saint Helena" Jsk by Alice and the pirates, with its brass details and adorable low-waist belt.

I like to wear it with boots, and my matching navy blue beret. One day I'd like to wear it with a big jabot blouse and a waist coat worthy of a general.

There is also my Putumayo Jsk, which I used in my last entry, attempting the Wardrobe challenge. This one is more navy or school uniform inspired. It's also a good option if you prefer sweet over gothic, because the detachable bow and double-frill skirt give it a more playful side. 

Whether it's inspired by the armed service or the school yard, you have to agree, everyone loves a girl in uniform. 

My favourite site for Military Loli inspiration is Flasco! I recommend browsing their blog and photos for ideas, if you like this style.

xoxo, Loli Lieutenant Cherie

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