Seaworthy Style

Today it's pouring in Honolulu, but adventure on the high seas can't be rained out!

Today at the Pearl Ridge Mall, there was an event called Sea Rovers and Makeovers. It kicked off yesterday and lasts through tomorrow. There were specials in lots of stores, and even Marine Biology exhibits.

On the ground level of Uptown, there was a styling panel hosted by a fashion writer for the Star Advertiser. The looks were summery but casual, with exotic jewelry and bronze makeup.

In Swashbuckling Sephora, tenants in Pirate Pantaloons showed customers how to get the perfect pirate look with makeup palettes by Stila and Urban Decay.

Downtown, local extras who played in the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, Stranger Tides, signed promo posters for free outside of Pipe Dreams.

Shoppers could enter to win tickets to see the new Pirates movie, as well as $400 in Pearl Ridge gift certificates and more.

I went in pirate loli to meet up with some friends. It was a great exchuse to bust out my AATP Constellation jsk, which just came in from a trade yesterday! I wore it with a light pannier, my black AATP Sailor Blouse, black lace-topped socks and boots.

My friend got the bracelet for me at Icing. She saw it and said "It matches perfectly! You have to get it!" When I said I'd better not, she said "Then I'll get it for you!"

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