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 Good afternoon darlings,

Some of you may know that I started working as a DJ about three years ago. I started working as a resident DJ at the local goth club, Club Orpheus in Baltimore and went from there.

In about October, I learned that our goth club was sold right under our noses. I'd rather not get into the politics, but all you need to know is that none of the current staff, not even the current General Manager knew that the club was sold. By the time we knew it was already gutted and delivered. 

You could chalk it up to the 2020 pandemic, but the truth is that the owners sold the club with no regard for the people keeping it alive.

Since then, I've taken to live streaming DJ sets for both charity and practice. Earlier this year I organized a live stream for "Goths Supporting Black Lives Matter", with all proceeds donated to BLM related movements. This past Saturday 12/26, I raised money for my childhood friend's cancer treatment costs. 

All this to say, I have a large part of my life circling around gothic culture, including music, literature and film, and it is not accurately encompassed here in a Lolita sphere. 

For almost 2 years now I've considered starting a separate blog strictly for set lists and music recommendations. The domain has been reserved but remained unused. 

I think starting in 2021, I will move towards posting there on Parlor Nevermore. It seems more fitting that I separate these interests, since some events, music, films and subject material are 18+, and the Jfashion community often attracts a younger audience.

I will be happy to report the first post here when I decide on the theme. For now feel free to bookmark the page or subscribe for blog post notifications.

You can also find my DJing information below:

I am moving to the Norfolk area in the next few months and am looking for local goth clubs and goth nights I can join. 

Currently I am streaming "The Caterpillar" online through my public library system. It is an eroguro story based on the work of the same name from Edogawa Ranpo. I read a collection of his short stories this year, and greatly enjoyed it. This is the sort of media I would like to talk about on Parlor Nevermore.

Screen cap from the film

Until then, let's keep enjoying gothic culture through Gothic Lolita here.



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