Summer Purchases

Hello everyone!

I am so happy with the feedback I got here and on Facebook, for my last article. Since lots of friends said they'd like to learn more, I am preparing an "ABC's of Wa-Mode" article. 

In the meantime, I have lots of other good news. There is just 21 days until I leave for Japan, and I realized, it has been a long time since I practiced Japanese. I really need to get into the habit of reading and thinking in Japanese. Or, maybe that is just my excuse, but I made an Ameblog

Right now the entries are extremely short, because I am scared to say something wrong, haha. But you know, at first I had no idea what I was doing, but now I am working with my dictionary and figuring out many of the functions. The "Paco" tool is really cool, because you can create your own cute banners for your entries.

Anyway, how about some loli shopping? I hired a Shopping Service twice in the past month, because I was cleaning out my closet a little. First, I fell head over heels for the BTSSB "Ma Cherie" Jsk in cherry pink. I really adore it, it is so simple, but so princessy. It is probably the sweetest thing I have.

I asked idgal from LJ to get it for me from the San Francisco Baby store. Her commission price wasn't so bad- $20 for a Jsk. Her communication was excellent, she was precise and kind, and shipped quickly. And she found my first choice, which is always a plus! 

A bit of feedback though: I love collecting tags and shopping bags, but didn't get any from this transaction. Since I paid for it new, I would have liked the entire experience. This is not such a big deal though. ^^ I think idgal cuts the tags on things for customs if she sends overseas, and probably did it for my protection or out of habit.

Also fresh in the mail: my Honey Bear ring to match my Jsk. It's my first piece of jewelry from AP in all these years. It's adorable, with tons of details!

Now, I am expecting two more things: Innocent World's British Bear Jsk set, and AATP's Melty Mermaid Princess Jsk! 

(Photos from the AATP Shinjuku blog.)

I am so excited about Melty Mermaid. I decided I had to have it, so sold my Vampire Forest Jsk. Navy was my first choice, but I ended up getting the white and sax blue one.

It seems like many people thought it didn't suit them. I see a lot of potential in this colorway. The seafoam blue and navy details will look stunning with just a few gold accessories (and my red hair, hehehe).

Here is a lovely coordinate from Baby's Takasaki store, paired with black details:

I can hardly wait to see the print in person! 

As for the British Bear Jsk, I'm also excited. I sold my Btssb red shirring Jsk to a dear friend, so needed something else 'classic' to fill the space. I figured, I have never tried anything from IW, and it would match well with the vintage green hat in this post. The set came with the matching headbow too! Thank you Mbok!

It will be perfect for autumn coordinates with boots...

... and Christmas outfits. :3

... Holy cow, Christmas!! And school books! Okay, no more! xD

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