Hawaii Lolita Meetup at Cream Pot

On Sunday, I attended one of the biggest Lolita Meetups I have ever been to in Hawaii. With almost 20 lolitas in attendance, we packed our favourite restaurant, The Cream Pot in Waikiki!

The whole gang! Photo courtesy of my friend Cat.

The theme was just "Spring", and lolita attire was not required, but everyone dressed up anyway. However some girls tied in mori girl elements to match the cottage style of the restaurant, or I decided to do a Minori-inspired shironuri look. 

The meet-up was very casual. Everyone chatted and ordered what they liked as we enjoyed the Ghibli-esque scenery of the restaurant. 

I ordered Strawberry Souffle pancakes, and a banana smoothie. The soufflé pancakes are super fluffy, almost like air or whipped cream. They were served with custard, fresh cream, and fresh strawberries in a light syrup.

Many pictures were taken as we talked amongst ourselves, hopping tables like a Mad Tea Party.

Photo courtesy of my friend Samantha

My friends got some great shots of my makeup, so I was very happy!

Photo courtesy of my friend Ashley

Afterwards, we all went to Funpix in McCully shopping centre for Purikura madness. We did almost four sessions! Since we are all busy, it's been forever since we were together for Purikura.

It was such a great day! Cream Pot is one of my favourite places to go in Hawaii. The atmosphere is perfect for a Lolita meet-up, and the owners are always so kind and accommodating to us. Plus, it has been a while since I was able to just hang out with my Lolita friends, without there being an event or a show to worry about! It was so nice.

Photo by Emi Smile photos

It is definitely beginning to feel like Spring now, even in tropical Hawaii. 

xoxo, Cherie

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