LBC: My Favourite Dress

Today's Lolita Blog Carnival topic is simple, perhaps too simple; so simple, it's actually extremely difficult.

The question raised to Lolitas this week, was "What is Your Favourite Dress"? 

But there are HUNDREDS of dresses I've oohed and aahed for over the years. How could you expect me to pick just one?

But the truth is, there is one that holds a special place in my heart right now. The current apple of my eye...

The Angelic Pretty (gasp!) Fortissimo series.

"Fortissimo" refers to a piece of music played at a high volume. Appropriately, with its contrasting red, blue, and bold pin stripes, this is a loud dress! But somehow, I think the balance is perfect.

As I've said before, I love the look of school uniforms and all uniforms in general, so I love the cut of these dresses as well.

This dress has been on my want-to-buy list for a long time; nearly a year! And I always miss it. So darlings, if you see her floating around, please sit on her for me, and I'll come running to catch it. xD 

My next favourite dress at the moment, is the "Twilight Circus Jumperskirt II", by Alice and the Pirates.

Like the Fortissimo series, the black version of the print has my two favourite colours: red and blue, and the cut of the bodice has an adorable military style. Again, I always miss this one at sale or auction, it's so distressing. T___T

My next favourite dress (told you, you can't pick just one!) is Baby's "My Little Red Riding Hood" series. The worst part about it is that it was released while I was still in Japan, but I was saving money at the time so didn't buy it. 

The original "Red Riding Hood" series featured embroidery and appliqué, but I much prefer this remake, with the water-colour picture book scenes along the border. Adorable!

Speaking of appliqué and embroidery... last, but not least, is Baby's "Angel in the Window" Jsk. 

The appliqué features an elegant gold window, embroidered gold stars, angels with sheer wings, candles with gold beams of light, and a cross. 

Though I'm not particularly a fan of full shirring, the reason I love this dress is because the first lolita friend I ever met offline was wearing this dress when I met her. When she came through the door in all black, wearing this dress and a little black side ribbon, I thought, "She is the most beautiful person I've ever met". Though I didn't even own a real lolita dress at that time, I was in awe of her elegance, and I think it was at that moment I decided to really get into lolita. 

Of course, wish lists are never ending and ever-changing! One thing I learned that really makes me happy while lolita hunting, is searching for things that have elements you like- not just one specific dress. Looking for one specific dress can drive you crazy!! 

So, when looking for lolita, I look for red, blue, black or green tones, stripes, things that would be cute with berets, military styles, school styles, or darker prints. 

(But, I do keep a wish list too!)

What are other lolitas dreaming of this week? Let's take a look under the tent...

(Geez, now I really wanna shop...)

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