My First Hanami

The tradition of cherry blossom viewing ('hanami') can be traced back to the Nara and Heian periods,  the 8th-12th centuries.

Today, television reporters give daily blossom forecasts for the height of flower viewing, starting late March and continuing through early April. The 'season' for hanami is short. But for that short time, everyone gathers with friends and family to enjoy a picnic under the trees.

Last weekend I headed out with my friends for a small Hanami picnic. We went to the neighbouring town of Nagakute, to a park with a large lake.

The wind was strong, but several families were also at the park; some with traditional bentos, others with brown paper Mc Donalds sacks. There were young couples, families of four with children, large gaggles of assorted friends and family.

We picked a spot on the bank of the lake, with our make-shift conbini lunch. Afterwards, we joked around, talked story, then took photos. 

A few days later the blossoms were in their prime; fluffy and white, like cotton wads. It was a beautiful sight, and when it rained, the scent of sakura stained the air. Now the blossoms are all ready reaching their untimely end, falling like snow flakes and building up on the street in the same manner. 

Sakura season was something I always wanted to experience, and once it began it all went too quickly. Now that it's ending I feel like I took it for granted, didn't carry my camera on me like I should have, didn't take enough digital photos. But the photos in my head are a brilliant memory I'll never forget; the dreamy scene I couldn't have imagined before. 

Since this entry is all about blossoms, how about some floral lolita coordinates?

I recently found the Angelic Pretty "Sugar Pansy" Babydoll Jsk, in lavender, a wish list item of mine. I've been dying to make pastel coordinates, but was waiting for the weather to warm up.

Here it is, paired with a pink blouse by "Kick Out Regrets", and pink tights from a shop in Harajuku.

And a second option, a purple blouse from "Kick Out Regrets", and mint tights from "Ichigo House" in Oosu. 

Get out there and enjoy the fresh Spring air!

Till next time,

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