2018: Lolita Goals

I may be terrible at keeping up with my blog, but at least I consistently post on New Year. Part of it is the flood of Wardrobe Posts from the community, which both inspire me the continue Lolita, and make me want to post my own. Another part of it is the importance our culture places on New Year's Resolutions, and how we put stock in them framing the rest of our year.

I am still working on taking photos for my Wardrobe post, but there are some resolutions I wanted to share.

Last year, I wanted to expand my wardrobe by adding lots of supporting pieces, such as accessories, blouses and tops. This year, my focus is stepping back a bit, cutting out excess, and switching my style to something I am more comfortable in.

I adore Lolita, nothing will change that- but deep inside of me, I've always longed to wear boy style. However, I've been in this fashion a long time. When I started, there were quite a few things holding me back from trying boy style, both personally and practically.

Personally, I had horrible body image issues, and thought I could never pull off boy style.

Practically, not many brands made boy style, except in small, restrictive sizes.

These days, it had become easier to get a hold of elusive brands, such as Atelier Boz. There is also more information out there about them, and their different sizes, such as Men's size. With the advent of Men's sizing in brands such as Boz, or Alice and the Pirates, I realized for the first time this year that the style I love is actually accessible to me.

So my first goal for this year, is to clear out dresses I've hoarded and never wear, and move towards a more boy style oriented wardrobe.

And in truth, that's mostly my only resolution this year.

Other than that, I would like to help plan a large scale event, and maybe even DJ at it. I have been getting back into DJing lately, and since I have a niche skill for playing Japanese music, I'd love to cater to a crowd that enjoys the same music I do.

It's actually really refreshing, to have such a short and attainable list of resolutions this year. My life is busier than ever these days, but I also wear J-fashion more than ever. The trick is balancing your responsibilities with the things you love, and remind you who you are.